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Carpet Cleaning in Bury

Efficient carpet cleaning in Bury, Greater ManchesterLooking for a whole house cleaning or just a touch up on the sofa, carpets or rugs? If you’re sick and tired of the stains left after a party, then Outstanding Cleaners Bury Ltd is what you are looking for! A comprehensive carpet cleaning Bury, Greater Manchester - covering all postcodes in the region including BL0, BL8, BL9, M25, M26, M45 and its respective towns and areas of Bury, Ramsbottom, Radcliffe, Whitefield, and Prestwich

Carpet Cleaning Services in Bury

The wide range of service offer to all of our clients for a reduced price, encompass all aspects of home cleaning, bellow you can see a list and a short explanation of what the services cover.

Carpet cleaning Bury – whether a stain or dust accumulation, foot traffic or pet stains, using our custom dry and steam cleaning compounds we can dissolve any stains and fully remove it from all carpet types out there.

Steam carpet cleaning Bury – is done using a top of the line machine combining both the application and removal of steam into your carpets, making it a quicker, more efficient way of delivery. To clean things properly, the professional carpet cleaners in Bury use a solvent and detergent to loosen up any stains or dirt, then use the mixture of detergent and high-temperature water to remove and thoroughly clean anything that is left, extracting up to 95% of the moisture used in the cleaning process. Because of its power and edge cutting capabilities, steam cleaning is used on synthetic materials infected with bed bugs and other unpleasant critters as well as battling various industrial strength stains that would otherwise not come out – asphalt, grease, and foot colouring are just to name a few.

Dry Carpet cleaning – on the other hand, gives us a bit more allowance when working on carpets, gentle enough to clean Kashmir, silk, and cotton without the chance of damage or shrinkage. Works wonders on wet stains, the dry compound we use on your carpets will remove moisture and work on even dry substances that have been long there. It has a deep approach, rendering the connection between stain and fiber none existent without using toxins or harmful substances. The professional carpet cleaners apply the detergent, spread it using a fine brush then wait for it to react, within 12-15 minutes it should be ready for extraction, bringing up all the dirt and stains out with it with the carpet cleaning.

Carpet CleaningPrices
Carpets - Steam Cleaning
Lounge (12×12 feet) £25
Dining room (12×12 feet) £20
Through Lounge (28×12 feet) £45
Hallway (10×4 feet) £12
Staircase (Up to 14 steps) £25
Bedroom (12×12 feet) £18
Carpet CleaningPrices
Dry Carpet Cleaning
Lounge (12×12 feet) £41
Dining room (12×12 feet) £41
Through Lounge (28×12 feet) £64
Hallway (10×4 feet) £22
Staircase (Up to 14 steps) £43
Bedrooms (10×10 feet) £18


Additional Cleaning Services from Outstanding Cleaners Bury

Upholstery cleaning in Bury – cleaning leather, suede, and natural fibered furniture, this service specialises in eco-friendly furniture and upholstery cleaning by hand or machine. 

Rug cleaning Bury – deals with both natural and synthetic fibered rugs, delicately cleaning all to reduce pollution levels and the chances of pigmentation and fiber damage.

Mattress cleaning Bury – using a proven U.V Lights method we can identify and exterminate all bed bug or dust mite colonies in an instant, also specializing in stain and debris removal on every bed mattress type out there.

Curtain cleaning – successfully neutralizes tobacco, cooking and dust odours from the fibers of your curtains, specializing in stain and dust removal, we use dust and steam cleaning to achieve outstanding results in a matter of minutes.

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Benefits To Expect From Outstanding Carpet Cleaners Bury

End of tenancy cleaning, short-term visits during the weekend or bank holidays at no extra charge and every time affordable inexpensive rates are perks all of our customers get, regardless of order size or time. With us you can always get:

Professional cleaning services in Bury

  • High standards of cleaning
  • Only experienced & insured experts
  • We do not require deposits or additional fees
  • Risk-free callbacks
  • 100% quality control and satisfaction guarantee

And the relief of knowing that your home or office place has been cleaned by the best team in Bury, using custom made bio-degradable detergents for a healthier property.

About Carpet Cleaning Bury

We manage to provide our customers professional services with the help of our trusted colleagues over are Prochem and Karcher, they supply us with the best carpet cleaning detergents and solvents, machinery and training, constantly certifying and preparing the technicians to provide the best cleaning results possible. Exclusively using environmentally friendly solutions that keep your family members safe and healthy, you can expect great results every time you arrange us. We will give you all you need to make your home clean & cosy - from one-off cleaning, hard floor maintaining, oven & windows cleaning to after builders cleanup.

Free Carpet Cleaning Booking In Bury - Greater Manchester

What are you waiting for? Call us now at 01204 319005 and get an exclusive deal on carpet cleaning Bury and all of our efficient cleanup services, simply contact us either by phone or using our live chat, and you can get a chance to save more than 35% on a combined booking. Don’t hesitate to call at any moment of the day or even night, our constant customer support team will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have or give a tip on carpet maintaining. Make your appointment quick and easy and receive your desired household cleaning at most affordable price in the area of Bury.

Postcodes and towns in Bury, Greater Manchester we cover

Bury is the smallest metropolitan borough in Greater Manchester, also the most centralised and closest to Manchester city, it covers several postcodes BL0, BL8, BL9, M25, M26, M45 as well as their respective towns Bury, Ramsbottom, Radcliffe, Whitefield as well as Prestwich. Give us a call and reserve your scheduled carpet cleaning in your town today!