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FAQ from Outstanding Cleaners

You can help us by moving any heavy furniture out of the way, this will expedite the cleaning process and reduce the chance of colour bleeding and furniture marks being left on the floors.

You can request your money be returned, or you can let us clean once again free of charge to amend the unfortunate circumstances.

Yes, we go through great lengths to ensure your safety and well-being of your family, using only bio-degradable and eco-friendly detergents on all surfaces.

We certainly can try, using high powered machines and the best detergents in the business, we can achieve some amazing results.

We recommend that at least one person of the household or a representative of said household is present, to ensure the safety of all members and to serve as a witness to our cleaning.

Depending on the ventilation of the room and the ambient temperatures, it should take anywhere between 2-3 hours for the textile to be fully dried and safe to walk on without the chance of colour bleeding.

We recommend that they be left to fully dry, however, we will supply you with shoe covers so you can walk without contaminating the surfaces.

You can book our air mover service which will hasten the drying process by 85%

Move heavy furniture out of the way and simply stay relaxed, our team will handle the rest.