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Reviewed by Miranda Sinks on Jun 20, 2015

I’ve found that both their budget cleaning and the more premium stuff produce the same outstanding results, very impressed with the execution and professional attitude.


Reviewed by Ann Marie on Jun 19, 2015

I first found about this service through a quick Google search for Bury, they showed up and I just called, the land line team was very helpful in explaining procedures and the cleaning crew was up to par as well.


Reviewed by Gloria Furton on Jun 18, 2015

I wasn’t aware that my rugs could look that new granted not brand new, but the colours look a lot brighter and vivid than before, fantastic work!


Reviewed by Jerry Canner on Jun 13, 2015

Should you need professional assistance for any sort of cleaning, this company is the one for you, my personal experience with them has been more than satisfying.


Reviewed by Jannet Lach on Jun 7, 2015

These cleaners really are outstanding, not only in the execution but also in their communication with the client. Good job, guys and gals!


Reviewed by Christopher Crawly on Jun 2, 2015

I haven’t had my house professionally cleaned in a while, called the guys over at AzureCleanersTrafford and they were happy to oblige. One could say I am a satisfied customer.


Reviewed by Trevor Higins on Jun 1, 2015

Cat hair, human hair, food stains are no match for the servicemen that AzureCleanersTrafford sent, this was a month ago and the clean results are still present, fantastic job!


Reviewed by Sean Nelson on May 31, 2015

Children can make a ripe mess, my wife and I couldn’t clean the stains nor the marker drawings on the couch, however, the team that AzureCleanersTrafford sent were more than prepared to lend us a hand. Great work!


Reviewed by Henry Flagens on Apr 6, 2015

There is no doubt in my mind that the cleaners are well trained, in fact I have a first hand experience with their preparedness, they not only cleaned the couch, but also managed to remove dirt patches from the walk-in closet. Very satisfied!

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